Merks mājas Warranty

By choosing a home in one of our projects, you will enjoy a sense of security for many years after purchasing.

Merks mājas is an all-in-one developer, vendor and a guarantor, so you will have one reliable partner in the process of purchasing an apartment. If any defects are discovered after the purchase, we will rectify them ourselves.

The warranty period varies for each project and can be found in the Purchase Contract under “Quality Warranty”. On average, the warranty period is 24 months for finishes and 60 months for constructions.

If you buy an apartment or commercial premises during the construction process, the warranty period starts when the building is brought into use. If the purchase is made in a ready-built building, the warranty takes effect at the time of the purchase contract.

Defects in common areas, lifts, underground parking, playgrounds, etc. are counted as defects outside the apartment. For these defects, you need to contact the project manager.

Yes, the warranty covers all cosmetic defects according to the defect classification, such as cracks at joints in windows or doors, cracks between wall and ceiling panels. Defects or damage that occur after the owner has moved in, due to improper maintenance or conduct, are not covered under the warranty. For example, bruises on walls, scratches on parquet or laminate flooring that appeared after the owner moved in.

Yes, warranty repairs are free.

Any defects that were recorded during the warranty period but, for various reasons, were not eliminated during the period will be eliminated after the warranty period has expired.

No, such cases do not count as warranty cases. Natural deterioration of the apartment also does not count as a warranty event, e.g. changes in the colour of the patio or facade over time, deterioration of the floor surface, etc.

During the warranty period, we will carry out all necessary warranty repairs free of charge. Defects making the apartment uninhabitable will be repaired as soon as possible. In the event that defects cannot be repaired during the warranty period, they will be repaired after the warranty period has expired.

Warranty cases fall into three categories – accidental, cosmetic or functional defects. Accordingly, it will also need to be clarified whether the defect is inside or outside the apartment.


  • Power failure without notice
  • Water supply failure without notice
  • Failure of heat supply without notice
  • Leakage of water or heat carrier inside or outside the apartment
  • Critical damage to balcony glazing or window
  • Problems with the front door in the apartment
  • Problems with barriers, gates or entrance doors that threaten the safety of people
  • Defects in the children’s playground that threaten human safety


  • Cracks in wall and ceiling decoration up to 5mm wide
  • Damage or scratches on the parquet
  • Defects in wall and floor tiling
  • Damaged skirting boards and decorative moldings
  • Damage or defects of interior doors
  • Window and balcony glazing adjustment
  • Ventilation issues (recuperation, hoods, valves)

The guarantee does not cover defects caused by the owner’s actions during use of the apartment. After purchasing an apartment, each owner receives a manual with instructions on how to take care of the apartment and its finishing. Please follow these instructions to keep the apartment in good condition for a long time.

  • Parquet and baseboard defects caused during operation
  • Tile defects caused during operation
  • Defects in wall and ceiling finishing caused during operation (excluding cracks)
  • Defects in interior doors caused during operation
  • Damage to plumbing or other equipment caused during operation (soft-close toilet lid, water mixers, shower cabin or glass)
  • Maintenance and cleaning of terrace or balcony flooring, railings and other structures
  • Cleaning of sewer clogging
  • Periodic inspection and maintenance of water supply, heating, air conditioners
  • Lift maintenance, inspection and servicing 
  • Defects or damage caused by third parties (e.g. water leaking into a neighbouring apartment)
  • An apartment that has been rebuilt after purchase may have its guarantee removed in whole or in part
  • Deficiencies related to the common area (stairs and stairway, yard, greenery, facades, roof, playgrounds) and technical systems (heating, electricity, ventilation, low-voltage systems, water supply, sewerage) are the responsibility of the home manager.

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How do I contact my project manager?


In case of emergency, contact your project manager!

About Merks mājas

Merks mājas is a leader in the development of residential housing in Latvia. In our more than 18 years of operation, we’ve proven our competence in the construction of high-quality public and residential buildings. We’ve demonstrated our expertise by building more than 2,200 homes for families throughout Latvia.

The projects implemented are our guarantee of quality in words and deeds, and this is also confirmed by local and international industry awards. In residential housing projects, we are both a developer, a vendor and a guarantor. This means that you will have one reliable partner in the process of purchasing an apartment.